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April 2015


    My first adventure with Daddy’s old camera

    April 26, 2015
    White Pony in Barford

    Hello, my name is Esther. I am eight years old. I love doing photography with my family. I took these photos yesterday with my Daddy’s old camera. This was my first experience with the Nikon D50 camera and I really enjoyed using it. I took so many photos that I had to choose my favourite ones out of 131 photos!

    It was very hard choosing which ones to keep and also which ones I was going to use for this website so, my sisters (Elisabeth and Rebekah) had to help me choose them. It was a very difficult task to do because I liked all of them so much. But those photos (the pony ones) were four of my favourites out of 42 photos. So… I ended up with only 42 out of 131 in the end! I liked the photos that I am keeping now because, they have interesting subjects. We also had to think about the rule of thirds for deciding which ones to keep. The rule of thirds helps to make photos that are pleasing to look at, more interesting, and also allows you to glide into the photo.

    I decided that the photos of the pony looked better in black and white so I tried different filters to see which one suited each photo.

    I hope you like them too!

    Pony behind the gate in Barford

    Pony in Barford

    White Pony behind the gate in Barford

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