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    Erste Bilder aus Film

    Januar 16, 2018
    Olympus XA2 and me

    Es tut uns leid, Übersetzung kommt bald!

    We had a great time going to Packwood house with our cameras. Four of us took film cameras. This was my first time ever using a film camera, but I enjoyed it a lot. We decided to use black and white film. Each film had 36 frames on it! We all ended up using all of our film!
    One of my favourite things about film cameras is when you have finished the film, and if you have the right equipment, you get to develop your film at home, but you can also send it off to be processed and scanned. In my opinion film camera’s are fun and enjoyable to use.

    One of the fun things about film cameras is having different types of film you can choose. There are many types of colour and black and white film. On the trip to Packwood house I took a little camera called an Olympus XA2 with Kodak Tri-X film. The camera was easy to use, I just had to remember to set the focus on the right zone.

    I loved using the film camera and I’m sure you would enjoy it to! Here are some of my first few frames from film that I have taken and developed! Enjoy!

    Woodland portrait
    Small pond
    Field photography
    Log balance
    Across the garden