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    Hoch in den Bergen zu Fuß die Adlerweg

    Januar 16, 2018
    High on the Adlerweg above Innsbruck

    Es tut uns leid, Übersetzung kommt bald!

    Hi, my name is Elisabeth and this is my first ever blog on this website! This post is about my walk with the family on a short section of the Adlerweg. The Adlerweg, or the Eagle Walk, is a long trail through the entire Tirol region of Austria. The main route is 280 km but the whole route is 1280 km long! The trail takes the shape of an eagle’s wings when looked at on a map.

    We took the Hungerburg Funicular, which is a mountain train, out of Innsbruck and then 2 cable cars to reach the start of our walk at 2256 metres above sea level. The whole journey took 20 minutes. We then had a lunch break in a mini restaurant at the top of the cable car, eating Frankfurters. Even though there was a bright sun, it was quite cold so we had to wear woolly hats and fleeces. When you start the walk, the path gets very narrow and the drop is huge! For some parts of the walk you had to hold on to a piece of wire that was attached to the rock beside you. It was very exciting, especially as we were so high up! My daddy and I went up even further to the summit: Mandlspitze reaching 2366 metres above sea level, see the main photo. The view up there was truly magnificent and, as it was a sunny day, we could even look into Italy!

    We saw plenty of wildlife including the mountain sheep who were very good at keeping their balance, and occasionally blocking the path! The group of ravens circling above us were massive, much bigger than the crows we are used to seeing in the UK. The butterflies we saw were beautiful with their colourful wings.

    As it was getting late, we turned around and headed back in the same direction that we had come as we didn’t want to miss the last cable car at 5 o’clock!

    Walking the Adlerweg

    Walking in the Tirol

    Photos in this article by Eugene Erdozain.