Shooting Film wieder mit einem Minolta SR-T 303 SLR-Kamera

Januar 16, 2018
Minolta SR-T 303 with Rokkor 50mm F1.7 lens

Es tut uns leid, Übersetzung kommt bald!

Having used a Digital SLR camera for years, I recently have been pondering what it would be like to shoot film again. Something of the simplicity of capturing a moment in time using a camera with simple controls is quite appealing. Film also has a certain look to it that I like which is not that easily replicated with a Digital Camera. When I was at school we were taught photography using basic Pentax K1000 fully manual SLR cameras which we loaded with black and white film. We learnt how to develop the film we had just shot and to make large prints ourselves which was really good fun. Because of the prevalence of digital photography these days, for a lot of people, film has been forgotten. This means that it’s fairly straightforward to get hold of brilliant quality film SLR cameras on sites such as eBay for very little money. You may well find that you know someone who has a film camera that they no longer use.

I now have in my hands an extremely capable Minolta SR-T 303 SLR camera due to the kindness of a family member. This particular camera has a Rokkor 50mm f1.7 lens fitted, which is renowned for having great optics. I have just had the camera serviced at the Camera Repair Workshop and am looking forward to putting it through it’s paces. I haven’t fully decided what film to try first, but it looks like it will probably be some Kodak Ektar 100 negative film. This is a colour film that is very high resolution and apparently is ideal for scanning. Whichever film I choose I intend to have the film processed and then scanned and then hopefully, I will be able to show some of the images in a future post. I hope they come out okay!

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