Family photo shoot at Packwood House

February 29, 2016
Rebekah with a Nikon film SLR camera

On a gloriously sunny winter’s day we decided to head to Packwood House, and thought that it would be fun if everybody took cameras. Eugene and the girls chose film cameras loaded with black and white film, I decided to go with the Fujix100s: an excellent digital camera that is compact; takes great shots, and I am enjoying learning the ins and outs of. I set the camera to shoot in black and white, using the yellow filter setting, and put it in aperture priority mode. The beauty of this camera (and what probably gave me a bit of a head start over the rest of the family) was that the electronic viewfinder was in black and white, so I could see the monochrome image as I was shooting. This greatly helped me to focus on the shapes within the image that I wanted to capture. The garden at Packwood House with its crisp cut hedges provided an excellent example. Can you spot the two photographers in the image?

Packwood Gardens

As everyone was enjoying taking pictures, and playing in the woods, there was ample opportunity for me to take candid photos, and to be photographed, without it turning into a formal photo shoot!

Mud, mud, glorious mud

I particularly enjoyed capturing other family members, whilst they were taking photos.

Photographer photographing tree bark

It was interesting to discover, after getting home, and processing our pictures, that even though we all took photographs of the same area, no two images were alike: a slight change of angle; our different heights; what we each chose to be the focal point,  resulted in such variety. Another factor was the environmental conditions: the constantly shifting winter light; the movement of the clouds; and the sun getting lower and lower; this made for a great day’s photography.

Sunshine through the trees
Portrait of young girl in the winter sun
Photographer's shadow

I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos. For these and more of my photographs, please take a look at my Flickr feed. Check out Eugene’s article and Elisabeth’s article too!

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