The Tour of the Alps

April 20, 2018
Tour of the Alps

In September the World Road Race Championships are going to be held in Innsbruck, so the organisers of the Tour of the Alps thought it would be a good idea to cover some of the course for the final stage. This happens to be very close to where we live and the climbs are familiar to us. One particular section I have ridden more than 50 times and is a great gauge of your fitness. So apart from my interest in watching the actual race I was interested to see how fast the professionals would be, and as everyone seems to upload their rides to Strava these days, it has been quite interesting to take a look. Needless to say my reasonably respectable time has been bumped down the leaderboard somewhat.

We headed over to the top of the climb taking mountain bikes to avoid the roads and I took a few photos from the top of the Olympia climb near Patsch. Hope you enjoy them!

Taking in the View

The main contenders

Top of the Olympia climb

Sky Car

UAE pulling

Almost over the crest

UAE pulling again

I am sure you agree

The Tour winning attack

Trying to bring it back


It hurts

Almost finished

Damiano Cunego

Work done

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