Winter Wandering

March 13, 2018
Tracks in the snow

It is almost Spring and we have had a large amount of snow this year. There is plenty still around on the peaks but it is melting quite fast now in Rinn. After the Arctic temperatures of two weeks ago, approaching minus twenty degrees Celsius, we had a very warm weekend, almost plus twenty degrees. This was on account of a föhn wind. Föhn is the german word for hairdryer! It is a very warm dry wind that blows over the Alps and raises the temperature extremely quickly, maybe ten degrees in a couple of hours. These winds can blow very hard too and it is not uncommon to see tree trunks shattered in the woodland. This is something of a novelty for someone previously used to the weather of the UK! Anyway here are a few photos taken at the beginning of December, when the first snow arrived in earnest. I took them whilst on a short walk around Rinn using my Fuji X100S compact camera. Some of the photos are directly from the camera, which processed the pictures as monochrome with a yellow filter, others were processed using Silver Efex Pro software, that is now free, and which I highly recommend. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Snowy Track
Tree and Mountains
Snow Field
Cracked Road
Village View
Footprints in the Snow
View past the Trunk
Nordkette View

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